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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 15, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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flush. >> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. let's start this morning by looking at the whether on this sunday february 15th. >> hi, carolyn. you can see the entire state looking at very dry conditions. we do have some fog out toward the delta up in the north bay. it's 56 in san francisco, 51 on the coast, 52 in hayward. and the cooler numbers with some patchy fog here and perhaps around fairfield. 46 in los gatos but we are looking at another high and dry day today. starting out a little cooler. 2 to 4 degrees cooler and a late-day sea breeze will keep temperatures from getting too warm along the coast. three quarter mile visibility santa rosa and looking at numbers once again anywhere from
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10 to 14 degrees above average. perhaps a couple of records and we will look for cooler numbers for the second half of your holiday weekend. having that forecast and the week ahead is all just moments away. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. as lisa just told you, today will be another sunny spectacular day here in the bay area. the weather is so nice, a couple of gray whales ventured inside the golden gate to enjoy the bay. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has more on that story. >> reporter: hours past sunset the weather was still balmy enough to enjoy a frozen drink and a walk on the embarcadero. >> i'm having it with strawberries and extra whip cream. >> but it's cold. >> it is. but i'm enjoying it. i mean everything is warmer with your partner. >> judy did have a red sweater to match her grandson. >> i brought red, but it had sleeves. i stepped outside and i said
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no, it's too nice. >> across the city dinner was best served alfresco. their near the water was the place to be as boaters flocked to the bay and set sail in the sun. a call went out from the coast guard. two great whales were in the bay. >> right after our boat got in at 2:00 and we heard it over the radio that there were two between alcatraz in the golden gate bridge. >> she was aboard the kitty cat. the boat and her crew had just returned from a whale spotting tour. they did not see the whales in the bay. these pictures were from a prior expedition, but she said if the whales are still in the bay, boaters need to be aware. >> we say it's always good to stay 100 yards away. if you see a whale spout, you are within 100 yards. go out of gear and let the whales move out of you. >> the last sighting was reported by the golden gate bridge just before sunset. whales are in peak migration
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season so they are migrating all the way up and down the coast. locals and tours alike are loving the warm weather. yesterday in san francisco's mission district, it wasn't chocolates they were after, but valentine's day pink strawberry-chocolate ice cream from mitchell's. for people who were here in chicago, winter could not come at a better time. >> it's gorgeous down here. >> i think it was around 10 degrees with lots of snow pretty icy, so it was nice to step off the plane here. >> with the warm weather comes a warning about high waves. fire department swimmers and a good samaritan had to rescue a surfer who lost his board and got into trouble off ocean beach yesterday afternoon. if you want to share weather pictures with us or create weather post cards to send to friends, check out our abc weather app. it's free from apple's app store or google play.
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developing news, san jose police are investigating the city's third homicide of the year. it happened just before 10:00 last night at an east san jose shopping plaza. officers responding to a report of a person shot found an adult male in front of a liquor store on north capital avenue with at least one bullet wound. the unidentified victim was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. police have not released the names of suspects or a motive. at this time last year six homicides had been reported in san jose. the annual valentine's day pillow fight in san francisco brought out a ton of people ready to let the feathers fly. for the most part the event is light and fun, but as abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian tells us, some people got carried away. >> it will take some time to clean up this mess.
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justin herman plaza is covered in white because pillow fight 2015. hundreds packed the plaza with pillow in hand for a good old-fashioned pillow fight. but not all of the hits were light as a feather. some came out swinging. this man was hit in the back of the head and lost his balance and slipped on all the feathers. he hit the ground hard and was knocked unconscious. >> some of the people are crazy. like up in the middle over there, that's where people are getting crazy. >> too many aggressive people. >> but most were here just to have fun. parents even let their kids pick up a pillow and fight. >> it's a way to work out their little energy and they are having fun and it's on a fun loving day. >> it seems the ones that enjoyed the fight most came with a plan. striking while on the move or with multiple pillows was key and all of it was done with a
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smile. >> i did get whacked in the nose a couple times but then afterwards i thought i will give them a hug and it's all good. >> when you are in a pillow fight, you need protection. you grab another one and keep fighting. >> not everyone was willing to fight. instead they stood back and watched. >> it's something that is really wonderful to get a group of people and just have fun. >> the fun does come with a price. it will cost the city about $5,000 to clean up. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. two men were hurt after crashing an s.u.v. during a police chase on interstate 580 in richmond. it happened near regatta boulevard about 1:30 yesterday afternoon. officers were responding to a stolen license plate. the two men drove away from police and hit a car while getting on to 580 on ramp.
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it continued eastbound on 580 until the driver lost control and hit the median. officers said he had a firearm and narcotics with him. you are looking at what's left of a portable toilet on california street in san francisco. completely destroyed by fire. it happened in the lake street district near tenth avenue around 3:00 p.m. yesterday. police are investigating the fire, calling it suspicious. the fire also damaged, as you see, two parked cars. in san jose, investigators are trying to determine the cause of a five-alarm fire that destroyed two businesses. this morning firefighters are watching over areas that are still smoldering. the fire burned through two custom car shops around 7:00 yesterday morning, creating smoke that you can see for miles. no one was hurt. ten classic cars are destroyed. the owner estimates it's a $1 million loss. several neighbors left their homes because the smell of burning car upholstery was too strong. >> it was just scary watching it, to tell you the truth.
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it was so thick like a big, old cloud storming through. >> investigators don't believe the cause of the fire is suspicious. new details on a story we first told you about last tuesday. palo alto police have released a sketch of a man wanted for taking pictures of a woman in a public restroom. this man is suspected of following a woman into the bathroom at the community center and then taking pictures of her inside a stall. it's happened twice. the latest incident last monday. another woman reported the same crime in another bathroom at the center back in july. palo alto police are asking for your help identifying a man they say groped another man in a department store restroom. this is a sketch of the man who
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entered the macy's store restroom at stanford shopping center around noon and groped a man. surveillance cameras caught this image of the suspect. he's described as hispanics in his 30s with a medium build. call police with any information. president obama is sending his labor secretary to california to meet with both sides of the west coast port labor dispute. details about the trip have not yet been released. 29 ports, including the port of oakland, are shut down through the holiday weekend. shippers first suspended vessell operations for two days last weekend and again on thursday, a union holiday. the union said the main sticking points are work rules and safety measures. >> well, lisa is here talking about this continued warm spell. >> right. in the middle of the weekend. so the weekend is not over. it is going to last throughout the weekend. but it could be just a little bit cooler for president's day. what's a couple of degrees when you are talking 70s, right? 55 right now from our roof
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camera. we are looking at 54 at the airport. a little fog. a few changes. wind shifts. we will have it for you in a few minutes. >> thank you. also ahead, warriors all-star steph curry taking center stage at last night's three-point contest in new york. why he honored one of the victims killed in a triple shooting in north carolina last week. and the big chill is coming to levi stadium tonight. how officials are going to try to keep the ice from melting once they make it for next weekend's historic sharks game.
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the american red cross bay area chapter canvassed san francisco's mission district yesterday as part of its home fire preparedness campaign. volunteers, along with city firefighters, went door to door, talking about fire safety and making sure homes have properly installed and working fire alarms and a plan if fire breaks out. >> one of the key things we found through studies is that people really only have two minutes to get out of their home when a fire strikes. and most people don't realize that. by having a plan made in advance, it allows you to be more likely to get out as quickly as you need to >> the red cross said it targeted the mission district yesterday in response to the deadly four-alarm fire that was at 22 correspond mission
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street last month that displaced at least 40 people. it's a brutally cold morning for more than 100 million americans. another arctic blast is wreaking havoc from north dakota to florida. it's now headed to coastal new england, bringing with it 60 miles per hour winds and below zero chill factors. heavy snow is also falling on parts of the great lakes. michigan and minnesota reporting windchills as cold as 43 degrees below zero. bitter cold in new jersey is making it difficult for anyone who has to be outside. >> it is supercold out here. it is so, so cold. i just want to stay warm. >> hand warmers, toe warmers i have on, but fortunately it's not boston. i would rather the cold than the snow. >> boston is bracing for another foot of snow. still trying to dig itself out of the six feet that fell in the
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last few weeks. white-outs are causing accidents and forcing airlines are canceling hundreds of flights. the plans for a new state-of-the-art arena for the warriors has gotten a seal of approval from the nba commissioner himself. adam silver toured the site of the proposed arena a couple weeks ago and said it looks fantastic. he especially likes the fact the arena will be privately financed. the 18,000-seat arena will be in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. construction is on schedule for it to open for the 2018-19 basketball season. golden state warrior star steph curry honored the memory of one of his biggest fans. before the all-star saturday night in new york he wrote on his shoe "hash tag curry for dia." it was for a college student who was killed in a triple homicide last week. his death sparked national
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outrage from those who believe the victims were targeted pause -- because they were muslim. curry has north carolina roots and has been following the story. bear cat's sister, a san francisco doctor, said dia loved basketball and he loved all things curry. >> he had a couple things where he did his wedding photo very similar to a magazine cover that i did, and he wore number 30. and he was in intermural leagues. and i have family members who met him playing pickup basketball and they all speak highly of him. >> he writes on his shoes before every game. it's usually the bible verse "i can do all things." >> and in the three-point contest curry and brother, splash brother klay thompson, were in the finals. he made sure the ending streak ended last night in new york.
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in the opening round he served notice, scoring a 23 to tie cleveland's kyree irving for the highest score. steph was on fire in the finals. he hit 13 in a row on his way to 27. thompson went cold, finishing with only 14 points in the final round. irving finished second with 17 points. you see curry hoisting the trophy in his fourth attempt at the title. abc7 sports director larry beil was there for seth's shining moment. >> well, you couldn't have scripted this thing any better from a golden state warriors perspective. both splash brothers make the finals of a three-point shootout and then steph curry just goes off to win it. >> i'm very happy right now. i've obviously been in it four times. i wanted to win it and get it done. thankfully tonight i got it -- was able to accomplish that. just watching the competition i think this is definitely the best field that's ever been in a three-point shootout. a pretty cool moment for me.
6:18 am
>> it's turned into like a steph curry coronation weekend here. have you felt that? >> it's kind of surreal everything that's going on. there's been a lot of stuff going on, and it's all so cool. just trying to take it in as much as we can. >> seemed like when he put up the 27 it kind of put a lot of pressure on you? >> it did, but just didn't have the same rhythm. that's all right, though. i'll be back and hopefully against steph. he got me this year, but i'm look forward to getting him. i'm glad he's coming back to golden state. >> after all the hype, all the dunks, all the shootout, we have a game now and steph and klay will start in the backcourt for western conference all-stars on sunday. larry beil, abc7 sports. >> a big chill is coming to levi stadium tonight when they given making ice for a temporary
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hockey rink on top of the field. first-ever outdoor game in northern california will be held next weekend in santa clara. the san jose sharks will host their division rivals, the la kings, on february 21st. it's at 7:00 p.m. the crew will keep it covered and insulated during the day. >> it will be warm here. we got notice of a lot of flight cancellations from sfo to boston and back because of the blizzard there. >> yeah, it's really out of control with the snow there that doesn't want to quit and the high pressure ridge here that doesn't want to go anywhere, as well. temperatures again anywhere from 11 to 14 degrees above average. yesterday bat 82 in santa cruz, 83 salinas. 77 redwood city and 78 down around the south bay in palo alto, the peninsula. very warm weather. but what we are looking at right now, clear conditions. no fog to speak of, and from our sutro tower camera you see the beginning of the sun coming up.
6:20 am
7:301 is the official sunrise. 49 in san jose. 46 half moon bay. san francisco sitting at 55 and looking at another vantage point where we do have no problems here but, of course, all the delays back east stacking up for some problems. and perhaps delays into the afternoon. 41 in petaluma, 47 concord. 44 santa rosa with three quarter visibility. really the only spot with fog is up in santa rosa. we could have patchy fog by the delta but notice how clear it is here from our roof camera. with the patchy fog that's about all that's going on. still way above average, 10 to 15 degrees above average today. a bit of a wind shift by the afternoon. a sea breeze. the winds have been light and offshore. we will see more of an onshore push later on today. temperatures probably managing about 70 degrees point reyes, up around stinson. and then some fog tonight will
6:21 am
allow for a gradual cooling trend tomorrow and tuesday. we are talking only 2 to 4 degrees of cooling keeping temperatures still above average. as the high pressure holds on for yet another day, we are looking at warm numbers. it will begin to weaken tomorrow into tuesday. and that's when we will get a little bit more of a sea breeze. sounds like a summer pattern. you look offshore, though, and you will notice the winter time pattern with the systems stacked up. they look pretty potent but they are going up and over the ridge that's taking them well into alaska. so nothing happening around here for the next seven ten days, possibly even into two weeks. as we look at san jose today 77. average high is 64. tomorrow coming down a couple degrees. here are the coolest days committal of the week, then we are back up into the 70s by the end of the the week. looking once again like nothing is bogey to bust through this ridge. 77 today. san jose 74 in milpitas. the peninsula, star little
6:22 am
change from yesterday but fog will come into play late in the day. 59 pacifica, that's one of the coolest numbers we can find. low 70s downtown. up in the north bay he were 70s. calistoga, 75 novato, 75 berkeley and castro valley 76. head out toward concord, mid-70s there, as well as pleasanton and about 72 in brentwood. the accuweather seven-day forecast a couple degrees of cooling with morning fog tomorrow. in the 60s at the coast around 70 at the bay and by next friday and saturday we are warming up again. track it anytime with the abc7 news weather app. you can get it free from apple's app store or google play and we have more information at even though our weather isn't changing, we are affected by it by the delays on the east coast. >> did you say in terms of our
6:23 am
weather it pattern could be with us for two weeks? >> that's what i said, yeah. >> wow. all right. up next, two bay area cities ranked high on a least-stressed list. and you might be surprised by the results. and in honor of black history month we are using our abc7 news instagram feed to celebrate events where you live. today the petaluma library and museum is remembering the late maya angelo through her poetry and other works. we have more information on
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>> people who live in san francisco are more stressed about their lifestyle than people who live in oakland. but compared to the rest of the country both cities are pretty chill. new rankings from "cnn money" shows four california cities ranked in the top five for the least stressed in the country for those seeking active lifestyle. san francisco comes in fifth oakland is fourth. sacramento and irvine are even less stressed. the rankings are based on factors like how much people binge drink, smoke and exercise. the percentage of sunshine is also factored in. much more ahead on the abc7
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sunday morning news. police in denmark kill a man thought to be connected to two deadly shootings in copenhagen. why danish leaders say the shootings were terrorism. and the changing u.s. mission in afghanistan. cheryl jennings goes to kabul for an abc7 news exclusive with the general in
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>> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hello carolyn. 7:01 is the official sunrise. a nice shot here. plenty of pretty pictures around the bay this early with temperatures in the 40s and 50s. 55 san francisco. only spot we have fog is up in santa rosa. three quarter mile visibility. look how nice and clear it is from our sutro tower camera. and livermore checking in at 45. finally from our roof camera today with all the sun and the high pressure ridge still in control, a light offshore flow, looking at numbers in the low 70s for san francisco.
6:31 am
70 at the coast. mid-70s around oakland. upper 70s santa rosa san jose. when will it end? we have changes for the holiday monday. i'll have them in a few minutes. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. police in denmark shot and killed a man thought to be connected to two deadly shootings in copenhagen. why danish leaders say the shootings were terrorism. police in copenhagen, denmark said they have shot and killed a man believed to be a gunman who triggered a manhunt yesterday. two shootings left two people dead and five police officers hurt. as abc news reports, they are calling the shootings an act of terrorism. >> the streets of copenhagen in turmoil. more shootings rocked the capital. this was near a synagogue. it included two police officers and hundreds are on high alert for this man, a suspect for a fatal shooting earlier in the day. windows of this cafe scarred from the burst of an automatic weapon. >> i'm not sure how many shots but maybe 30 shots. people panicked and ran to the door. other people were hiding behind tables they had turned over.
6:32 am
>> one man was killed and three police officers wounded. what was supposed to be a symposium on free speech became a brush with death for this man, lars. he believes he was the target. the 68-year-old swedish artist has drawn death threats or saterizing the prophet muhammad. the shooter escaped. the attacks drew obvious comparison with the commando style mass shootings in paris last month at a magazine a published caricatures of the prophet muhammad. parts of copenhagen were shut down as terror once again stalked the streets of a western european capital. abc news, new york. coming up, the latest on the battle against isis and the debate over president obama's
6:33 am
proposed authorization of force. isis continues to fight fiercely in iraq where u.s. fighter jets are supporting baghdad's forces. the obama administration is requesting funds to fight isis. you can see coming up on "this week" following good morning america. abc7 news cheryl jennings recently returned from afghanistan. she went with a san rafael nonprofit called "roots of peace" and they are working with farmers there. while there she got a chance to meet with the president and talk about the progress that's taking place. >> i would not have said this a couple years ago, but i'm excited about the future of afghanistan. they have a government that is about the people that really understands a great vision for afghanistan. >> that big vision for
6:34 am
afghanistan comes from newly-elected president. who recently met with the california-based nonprofits roots of peace founders and me in the presidential palace. his main focus, dealing the agricultural economy. security is equally important. general john campbell is leading the new nato transition mission in afghanistan with coalition forces as u.s. troops are leaving. >> the four-star general in control of the port told me afghanistan is fighting hard to build an effective security force to protect its own people. >> the last fighting season, the customer of '14, they were almost all on their own. they had to lead security, and they were proud of that. >> they were assisting afghan security forces. when they die their memories are honored at the base every week. ♪ [taps]
6:35 am
>> the people of afghanistan give thanks for your support. >> as you saw, we had a member from the afghan army out there. he thanked the coalition. something you didn't hear a lot with under president karzai but under this new government they have embraced the international community. >> general campbell understands the importance of improving the economy, and has followed the work of "roots of peace" in afghanistan working on agricultural development. he met with the founders at the base. they planted a cherry tree as a symbol of hope. i first went to afghanistan in 2005 to see a pilot project to remove landmines, raise grapevines off the ground and put them on trellises. now it's evolved to link farmers and traders with the international export market. >> this program has really helped out afghanistan and that's the baseline for afghanistan agriculture. >> general campbell's personal roots trace back to the san francisco bay area. >> i grew up as an air force brat. my dad was stationed in hamilton
6:36 am
field, novato, marin county and then we moved to fairfield just up to interstate 80. i went to middle school and a little bit of junior high school in novato, california. >> he wants to come back for a visit, especially to the valley, but his nature omission has a lot to do to help afghanistan move into the future. >> the people here of afghanistan really deserve this. they want the same things we do with jobs for the family, roof over our family's living quarters. they want education for their kids. i think with continued support from the coalition, with continued support with people like gary and heidi, that the future for afghanistan is bright. >> that's cheryl jennings reporting. roots of peace is fund by the u.s. agency for international development known as u.s. aid. the new president is promising to work closely with roots of peace to promote afghanistan's agriculture. you will see cheryl's exclusive interview with him in the next few days.
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if you don't have healthcare coverage, time is running out. the open enrollment deadline to sign up under the affordable care act is 11:59 tonight. here in california free and low cost coverage comes through the state-run medical or covered california websites. if you missed the deadline, you will have to pay a fine on your taxes for not having health insurance. >> would you be willing to buy some time with a younger man or woman? >> i'm 22, i'm smart, bubbly and independent. >> well, people are. they call themselves sugar daddies and sugar babies, and they will spend time with you if the price is right. >> it's not a bad thing. it's not about sex. it's about so much more than that. it can be any relationship that you want it. >> the secret world of sugar babies and sugar daddies tonight on abc7 news at 11:00. >> still ahead on the sunday morning news, what some people are calling the holy grail of
6:38 am
today's technology. it's a touch screen keyboard you can actually feel. and here's a live look from our emeryville camera. our continued warm dry pattern continues. for how long? lisa argen will have the answer and the forecast in just a f have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial...
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"50 shades of gray" is dominating the box office this weekend and could be heading for a record. the popular adaptation of the popular erotic novel has already pulled in over $30 million. they say it will probably make about $89 million by the time president's day weekend is over, shattering a previous record. moviegoers are flocking to see the films, despite the reviews which have mostly panned the picture. oscar sunday is just a week away. you can watch it live next sunday, february 22nd, only on abc7. the big show starts at 4:00 p.m. for a complete list of the nominees, visit oscar sunday will still be unseasonably warm, right? >> yes, i'm afraid so. that's a week out. we have changes today but they
6:42 am
are subtle changes from the golden gate bridge you see the clear skies. no fog to speak of. plenty of 40s north of the golden gate. we should see a high of about 60. it will be about 10 to 15 degrees beyond that again today. we will talk about next weekend. and beyond that as welcoming up. >> thank you lisa. also ahead, moving day at pebble beach for the@national pro-am including fan favorite bill murray. will he be around for today's final round? mike shumann has the answer release a devastating avalanche of
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>> it's one of the big nuisances of modern technology. a lot of people say typing on a piece of glass is just not the same as using an old-fashioned keyboard. a bay area team has given jonathan bloom a look at their first product of a possible solution. >> at a conference a few months ago, google got people's hopes up. >> what if there is an intelligent material that can france form and change shape in response to touch. >> they certainly oversold it. they were talking about the new look of their software. but all of that is because a touch screen that changes shape has been called the holy grail of modern computing. patent filings as far back as 2008 show apple trying to come up with a way. now a bay area start-up has announced they have done it. . when you see it, you are like whoa, where do those come from?
6:46 am
>> out of a plastic screen cover, little round ridges rise up with a flip of a switch. it is filled with fluid. >> there's a small reservoir of fluid and when you slide it on the back, it presses against the reservoir and the fluid is routed properly and makes it the physical buttons, rise up on the screen >> the first one is called form. it's a case for the ipad mini that will ship this summer. it speeds up typing by developing muscle memory. >> your satisfaction with the typing changes from one that's frustrating to one that's more enjoyable. ism pad hopes to sell many. these cases. but this is only the beginning. soon you will be able to buy one with this built right in. >> the small android key changes shape whenever you bring up the keyboard.
6:47 am
like the ipad case, it has only one set of keys, either on or off, but future ones may be more elaborate. >> it changes shape automatically weather you bring up the software keyboard. it has one set of keys, either on or off, but future versions could be more elaborate. >> a programmable surface, whether keyboards, gaming controls, whatever you want for everyone on the screen. >> if you are thinking how nice it would being of it that on the touch screen in your car," they said automakers have already started getting in touch. abc7 news. >>lov invasion. you have your computer models and they are probably looking about the same. >> they are, probably longer than you want to know. we will get to that. but live doppler hd, it's clear. little changes up toward santa rosa. the changes come today with the wind shift. yesterday 82 in santa cruz, 83 salinas, could happen again. upper 70s from sonoma down through morgan hill and a look from mt. tam this morning. we can see how clear it is and how glassy the bay is.
6:48 am
it's been in the 50s all morning long. 51 oakland, good morning san jose. 44 degrees in gilroy. half moon bay at 50. going for a high today near 70 degrees. emeryville it's clear, 43 santa rosa with fog. napa about the same. petaluma 41. and livermore checking in at 45 degrees. so temperatures, you don't need me to tell you, but have been 10 to 15 degrees above average. we are looking for more of a push in the days ahead. still above average way above average today, but less above average monday and tuesday. as the wind shift brings the temperatures down a little bit into the 60s but still no rain is in the forecast. and this dominant ridge of high pressure although it's going weaken it's not going to go anywhere. warm weekend temperatures again, but as we widen out, you will notice the storm systems in the pacific. they aren't going to bust through the ridge. the ridge needs to go away. and it won't for the week ahead.
6:49 am
what about the second week of february? well as we look out for that next week, you will notice we are dry and into february 25th, wednesday, we are still remaining dry. so temperatures are well above average all across the state with upper 70s in los angeles. 87 in palm springs. 74 in chico. there is dense fog in the san joaquin valley, 68 yosemite and still 70s for monterey. we are looking very warm but as we look at the week ahead. a couple degrees of cooling tomorrow. holiday is tomorrow and you get back to work on tuesday with the high of 70. numbers will come back up by thursday and friday, as the ridge returns. a little bit stronger is the ridge into next weekend. high temperatures today around the bay with low 70s in the cities. 74 oakland and 75 in fremont and livermore today. so once again, we will be looking at plenty of sunshine and those light winds. the accuweather seven-day
6:50 am
forecast for the president's day holiday, we are looking at temperatures a little cooler at the coast. that trend continues midweek and temperatures still in the 70s though inland. thursday, friday and saturday the high builds back in. so that's the next week. and it looks up until the end of february, still dry. >> yeah, february and we are talking high fire danger. >> that's right, yeah. >> crazy. >> i know. >> all right. well, let's check out sports. the stage is set for tonight's nba all-star team. tipoff at madison square garden in new york city is at 5:30 our time. as you know the west all-stars are coached by warriors coach steve kerr. it includes steph curry and klay thompson in the starting lineups. last night the splash brothers made quite the splash in the three-point contest. here's mike shumann with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. the warriors well represented in
6:51 am
the nba all-star three-point on -- contest with steph curry and klay thompson making it to the finals. two entered the barclay center in brooklyn like it was a heavy weight championship fight. 23 was the top store until klay dropped 24 two minutes after steph. a big smile. curry, klay and irving in the three man final. and steph not to be outdone had 13 in row. 10 better than irving's 17. so the pressure is on klay. 34 points possible. he will need 28 to beat steph. wasn't meant to be. klay goes cold and misses four in a row at one point, then five in a row, and steph is victorious. as he hoists the trophy, steph curry wins his first 3-point
6:52 am
shooting contest. and meanwhile, atlanta's victor, not a three. -- 360, that was more like a 540 on the reverse dunk. he made it against zach levine. then he's making the dunks with his head and two inches below the rim. levine took over the dunk contest. help with teammate andrew wiggens. between the legs works the left hand. at 19 the second youngest slam dunk contestant. now to the pro am. bill murray didn't make the cut but he was nice enough to hand out doughnut holes to all his fans. former niners alex smith caddied a few years ago but now buries
6:53 am
it on the par-5. and snedeker shared the lead after two rounds. to save par he's one off the lead at 17-under. sacramento's nick watney, 2 back. 7-under 65 for watney. his playing partner, buster posey, double bogeyed. but he and watney as a team 20-under and buster makes the cut. so did matt cain. he and matt bettencourt at 25-under. they are 8 back on the amateur side. matt johnson joins snedeker atop the leaderboard yesterday. another good round for jones. he's one back of old reliable, jim furyk. 37 of his last 10 holes at 9-under 63. course record at pebble is 62. furyk alone at the top at 18-under. and that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day! >> up next, shot out of the cannon. a career milestone r
6:54 am
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ea >> here are the winning numbers from last night he's $40 million power ball draw. no one got all six, but a ticket purchased at a shell station in dublin on hacienda crossings drive matched five. it's worth more than $293,000. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $50 million. a woman who makes her living being shot out of a cannon
6:57 am
reached a milestone last night. the 25-year-old dressed in a sparkly outfit, warmed up on top of the cannon at a show in philadelphia. she climbed inside and was shot into the air at 66 miles an hour, landing 104 feet away. this was her 500th time being a human cannonball. she describes the experience as the most intense roller coaster ride you have ever had times ten and without a seatbelt. she said she's up for 500 more. >> you said she's 25? >> yes. >> so that says a lot. [laughter] >> all right. we are locked into this pattern. we are looking at temperatures one again in the 70s with perhaps a few records down by santa cruz. 78 morgan hill, 71 half moon bay with 74 oakland, 77 santa rosa. in the east bay 74 for concord and the look ahead, a couple degrees cooler tomorrow for the holiday. and that modest cooling trend continues through midweek and
6:58 am
then we warm back up into the end of next week. so yeah, dry, dry dry. >> all right. and all youth as you say. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. the news continues now online, on twitter facebook and on all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. abc7 news continues at 9:00. "good morning america" is up next. have a
6:59 am
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good morning, america. good morning, america. right now, wicked winter storm. deadly pileups. whiteout conditions. >> you can't even see out there, man. the whole thing is white. >> and wild winds. the storm marching from the midwest to the east, now dealing a punishing blast to boston, already buried in snow. bracing for blizzard conditions. mass transit shut down. the mayor declaring a snow emergency. airports canceling flights. >> the roads are so narrow. and these piles are so high. >> we have team coverage of this wicked winter storm. the bitter chill. and the new snow on the way. and there's another big story breaking overnight. terror in denmark. the country in shock after twin terror attacks. a gunman firing into a cafe in the city of copenhagen.


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